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Solo travel

Our app is going to make solo trips work for women! Connect with locals that love to travel just as much as you. Even better, your connection is based on the fact that you each have an equal interest in visiting each other's city for a future solo trip. Having these connections can help make your trip safer and even better than expected. 

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Hang out buddy

Whether you've always preferred to travel alone or are thinking about trying it for the first time, our app can help enhance your trip experience. Having a local to hang out with instead of your partner or typical group of friends, can allow you to truly embrace the people, culture and environment of the location you're visiting. Your new friends will know exactly how to have a blast in their city. You can return the favor when they come visit your city! 

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Insider tips 

Connecting on our app can help you travel like a local. Your new friends can give you insider knowledge on what to do and where to go in their city. You'll get the most out of your trip by experiencing the best the city has to offer. They can also give you tips on getting around, saving money and attending the coolest events. You can use our app to make as many friends as you like. 

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Safer Travel

We know that solo travel can be scary and intimidating for us women. This shouldn't stop you from going on an epic journey. While connecting on our app, you can set up accommodations with your new friends. They'll also be able to give you the best advice on how to stay safe when venturing the city and you'll be a lot safer when you're hanging out with them as well. 


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Travel Identity

We have a fun way of finding out what your travel identity is. This can help you find friends that have similar travel personalities and interests.


Create an awesome profile where you can share your top travel experiences.  


Choose the city you wish to travel to among our set list. With your feedback we can expand our available locations.


You can start connecting with locals in the city you choose. You'll each have a common goal of traveling to the each other's city. 

Travel Buddy

You'll also be able to connect with aspiring travelers from your own home city, you might find a travel buddy planning to travel to a place you also want to go. 


Find out who you connect with the best. You can send messages with your new friends and make plans for your future trip. 

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